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Graphic Designer



Jan - April 2020

Illustrator, Photoshop



Colour-coded System

Winter 2020

The intention of the project is to create a set of multiples (that are identical or have some variations) focused on the interpretation of my theme/concept. 


color final-01.png

I created a set pf 26 coulour-coded squares that each has three variations indicating the accent in chinese pinyin system. The users can create abbreviations using these squares to express whatever they want to say.

Project Brief

color final-02.png
color final-03.png

I was inspired by the morse code and the abbreviations we used when we want to talk about something in an obscure way that people won’t understand it unless they have taught how to use it. I decided to create the pattern on a square-shaped space because squares can be easily combined into any shapes, such as bigger squares, rectangles, and irregular shapes. The users can arrange the squares freely and find their own way to express the thing they want to say. The colours on each square piece are applied based on the cultural meaning of colours. By doing so, the users will better express their feelings using the combination of colours. About the white space on each square, I designed them based on the accent on the Chinese pinyin system, it helps the Chinese speaker to identify the abbreviation, and it also decorates the squares. The combination of the designed pieces can work as multiples already because the colour index table is the essential thing. These patterns can be applied to different materials, and there are basically no limitations. 


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