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Brand Designer



Sept - Dec 2021

Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator


Brand Identity
Fall 2021

Hilary MacMillan

Make the brand more recognizable and more aligned with its brand characteristics and position.



The Organization

Hilary MacMillan is a cruelty-free womenswear brand, which uses high-quality fabrics to design ready-to-wear pieces in bold colours and textures. They are a wholly women-run, women-staffed Canadian company. Their products include: Top, Bottom, Dresses & Jumpsuit, Jackets,Blazers & Vest, Outwear, Facemasks & Accessories.

Brand Culture
The company expresses its values and personality mainly through the clothes style, which is chic, contemporary, confident, and comfortable. The models are also in different sizes with a confident look on their faces.

The Competitor

Based on the visual identity, price, design style, and strategies, there are five main competitors: Aritzia, H&M, Miriam Baker, Ninety percent, Manufacture de Lin. 

Click here to see the full pdf of Research Report on Hilary MacMillan



The Organization

To make the brand name different from the fast-fashion brand H&M, I decided to use HMM as the monogram. The emphasis on double Ms is also shown on both versions of the brand logo.

For the brand taglines, I chose “Create your own rules” because it presents the brand mission in a short and accurate way, which celebrates the glorious female form in its diverse expressions.

The Design

In order to have a contemporary and confident look that can be related to veganism, I decided to use thorn vines as the main visual concept. Because the nature of thorn vines is sharp and spiky, it represents the confidence of women, and it breaks the traditional gender roles in which women should be sweet and submissive. Also, thorns are usually connected with flowers like roses. It adds gorgeousness to the brand image besides the edgy concepts.

To avoid creating a vintage image with thorn vines, I presented the thorn idea in an abstract way—for example, the serifs on the typeface of the logo and the spiky brand patterns.

Core Mission

Hilary MacMillan’s core mission is to create stylish and quality wardrobe must haves that celebrate the glorious female form in its diverse expressions all whilst embracing ethical manufacturing practices.

Essence Words

Feminist, Contemporary, Veganism

New Identity

Free iPhone 12 Pro Max.jpg
Digital Mockup Freebie.jpg


The applications below are the website mockups, mobile mockups, membership emails, email newsletters, social media presence, and packages.


Although it is not fully presented in the mockups, there will always be two versions for the images' theme colour (black and white) to increase the diversity. Usually, both versions convey the same message. However, for the reservation e-card, two versions of the e-card are designed to distinguish the guest customers and members more efficiently. The complete guidelines and explanations of the new brand identity will be discussed in the pdf files.

Click here to see the full pdf of Applications and Design Manual

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