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Graphic Designer



Feb - April 2021

Illustrator, InDesign


YSDN Handbook Cover

Pattern Design / Graphic Design
Winter 2021

Design the front and back cover for the handbook of York/Sheridan Program in Design.


concept 1-25.png
concept 1-24.png
Free Letter Size Branding Book Mockup.jpg

I love translating languages into colours and patterns, so I hid a message on the handbook cover for the YSDN students to figure out. 

According to the legend below, each pattern is corresponding to one number labelled at the corner, and the number matches with a letter following alphabetic order. White backgrounds are there to group them into two-digit numbers. When there is no pattern in one block, it represents a space between two words.
After the translation/decode, the hidden message on the cover pages is that "In every ending, there is a new beginning". I chose this phrase because the YSDN program will come to an end, but our design journeys will never stop.

Project Brief

concept 1-23.png
concept 1-26.png


More design concepts and sketches

concept 1-01.png
concept 1-02.png
concept 1-05.png
concept 1-06.png
concept 2-11.png
concept 2-08.png
concept 2-12.png
concept 2-10.png
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