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Hello! I'm Xiaoxuan

I believe that the reason which makes design so attractive is its excellent balance between logic and aesthetics, sense and sensibility. Although it is presented in graphic form, design has the power to change the world. It combines something that seems contradictory to create harmony. As a communication and brand identity designer who grew up under Chinese culture's influence and studied graphic design in Canada, I constantly feel the collision and combination between western culture and Eastern culture. Since I love to study humanities, societies, and art, I always combine my cultural background with my design knowledge to create meaningful pieces.

During the past few years, I'm exploring new ways for me to design. I have developed a strong interest in creating patterns, codes, and modular design. I enjoy the logic behind it and the process of transferring languages into images. By creating a coded system, I'm able to bestow both emotions and cultures into the patterns I create, and visually present the power of words, the power of human being.


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